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Moving mindfulness off the mat and into your everyday.

Mindful Movement • Meditation • Stress Reduction

Mindfulness can be as simple as breathing in and breathing out or putting one foot in front of the other. Often, we think of practicing mindfulness and meditation as a solo activity. At times, however, it’s difficult to find the stillness on our own. When at our most challenged, we are least likely to pause and practice good self-care. This is when practicing with others in a community can be beneficial, whether it be virtual or in-person. Just This... Mindfulness is your resource for mindful moments, whether you have five minutes or eight weeks, or anything in between.  Explore multiple modalities and resources to ensure success in building a consistent practice for yourself.

Annie leading mindfulness meditation class
  • Mindfulness improves...

  • relationships...

    Frequent awareness of breath and cultivation practices allow our busy brains to pause, take a breath, and take notice.  How is our body responding in the present moment? What emotions are present? What we practice grows stronger. As regular practice begins to influence our everyday experiences, we may become more adept at maintaining curiosity and cultivating compassion towards ourselves and others. For instance, we become more able to respond vs. react during emotionally charged times.

  • physical health...

    Though mindfulness is not a cure for pain or illness, recent brain science studies have shown that developing a habit of mindfulness meditation can actually alter our brain’s response to stressors, and may enable us to better manage chronic pain and improve sleep.

  • mental health...

    Self-care is not selfish. When we attend to self-care, we often have more energy and enthusiasm to help others. By practicing mindfulness, we may be less overwhelmed by anxious thoughts and worries. Examining difficult thoughts and feelings is made easier when greeting them with kindness and curiosity instead of criticism and judgment. The consistent practice of mindfulness and cultivation of loving-kindness builds these capacities. 

Leading & Inspiring Others...

Annie Shull, Certified Mindfulness Instructor
Endurance running and an impending surgery led Annie to explore mindfulness meditation. After self-study for 12 years, Annie launched into teacher training in 2017 with the goal of bringing mindfulness to others. She is a certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher-in-Training. After two decades of curriculum development and marketing experience in the tech sector and wine industry, Annie combines her passion for teaching and sharing the relief that can be found in the simplest of mindfulness practices, especially delighting in everyday mindfulness moments.

Annie in the field.

Next on the Schedule:

MBSR Course

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course

An 8-week intensive introduction to the core practices of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, pioneered by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Great for those suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, high stress, or simply interested in deepening their existing meditation practice. We are offering two options - online zoom classes and in-person classes.

Quotes from recent Graduates of Just This Mindfulness… MBSR

In-Person Course

Dates: Mondays, April 29 Through Monday, June 24 (8 weeks in total - - no class May 27th, Memorial Day, and includes an All-Day Silent Retreat on a Saturday in June, TBD, 8AM to 3PM)
6:00-8:30 PM Pacific Time
Location: Chehalem Cultural Center, Newberg, Oregon

Zoom Course

Dates: To be determined, typically Sunday or Monday nights.
Time: Typically 6:00-8:30 PM Pacific Time, but could start earlier at 5:30 PM.
Location: These courses will be offered over Zoom. Please email Annie@JustThisMindfulness.com for further information and to join a wait list. Class will launch when a minimum of 8 students are interested.

It is entirely possible to start small, expanding into the possibilities as your lifestyle allows. If your experience is anything like mine, Mindfulness may surprise you and take root, eventually becoming an integral part of your every day.” -- Annie Shull

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