Why Just This?

I founded Just This... to bring to others the same simple lessons I have learned. That consistency of practice, noting how the world impacts my brain and my body, and sharing these insights with others keeps me honest about my own experience. The common humanity we may find in both struggles and beautiful moments has more meaning as we share our stories.

"So, we continue to practice...

There is nothing to it: It's just being, just breathing, just caring for each other with love and courage and clarity.

Just this.

And it's a big job. It's central and important life's work that we might tend to a little (or a lot!) more directly and clearly... as the world really is depending on us."

-- Nomon Tim Burnett, Red Cedar Zen Center, Executive Director, Mindfulness Northwest

Though I have trained with a Zen Buddhist monk, I have not traveled to foreign lands to do so, unless Bellingham, Washington is foreign to your experience.

I do sit and meditate, if I am lucky, on a daily basis, I do not have a special tea house or space to do this, unless you consider the corner behind my couch in my TV room a special place.

I am a certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor, however, I still struggle to remain mindful. It still takes practice to pause, take that breath, to sense how my chest constricts in a moment of conflict. My brain still fogs over at the prospect of too many "to do" on the list and not enough "done".

My goal is always to come back to the simplicity of practice, just breathing, just walking, just moving. As your instructor, I practice alongside you at all times, and I hope to embody and exemplify the wise words of Sharon Salzberg: "Let the practice reveal itself to you." It is, after all, Just This... Mindfulness.

Annie in the field.

Annie Shull

Certified Mindfulness Instructor
Endurance running and an impending surgery led Annie to explore mindfulness meditation. After self-study for 12 years, Annie launched into teacher training in 2017 with the goal of bringing mindfulness to others. She is a certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher-in-Training. After two decades of curriculum development and marketing experience in the tech sector and wine industry, Annie combines her passion for teaching and zeal for shining the light on the relief that can be found in the simplest of mindfulness practices, especially delighting in everyday mindfulness moments.

It is entirely possible to start small, expanding into the possibilities as your lifestyle allows. If your experience is anything like mine, Mindfulness may surprise you and take root, eventually becoming an integral part of your every day.” -- Annie Shull

Next on the Schedule:

MBSR Course

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course
FALL 2023

An 8-week intensive introduction to the core practices of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, pioneered by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Great for those suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, high stress, or simply interested in deepening their existing meditation practice. We are offering two options - online zoom classes and in-person classes.

In-Person Course

Dates: Mondays, October 30 through December 18, 2023 (includes an All-Day Silent Retreat Saturday December 9th, 8AM to 3PM)
6:00-8:30 PM Pacific Time
Location: Chehalem Cultural Center, Newberg, Oregon

Zoom Course

Dates: Sundays, October 29-December 17, 2023 (includes All-Day Zoom Silent Retreat Sunday, December 10th,  8AM to 3PM)
Time: 6:00-8:30 PM Pacific Time
Location: These courses will be offered over Zoom